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a collection by kit · last updated 2024-06-01 18:44:46
Tutorials on customizing Twine® 2 projects with CSS & HTML.
More tutorials on customizing Twine® 2 projects with CSS & HTML.
Even more tutorials on customizing Twine® 2 projects with CSS & HTML (+ More Resources!)
importable spells from the Twine Grimoire! ✦
a minimalist sugarcube (twine) template
Stumble through the Met's collection and get inspired
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A template for styling text games created in Ink
Learn about Conditional Logic + Twine Macros!
a 100ish% tested and debugged UI as seen in CLOSEDLOOP, Paraenesis, The Revenant's Lament, and more...
Use multiple pronoun sets in Ren'Py
UI Templates for Twine (Sugarcube)
A free template to build your own Twine Game
A free Twine Sugarcube 2 template for Interactive Fiction games.
ui template for sugarcube 2.
A labelled template for Twine's Sugarcube storyformat, with various useful features built in.
Narrat is an interactive fiction game engine
Engine for creating RPGs in Twine 2 and SugarCube.
Role Playing
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Write simple Ren'Py games with the visual outlining of Twine
33 hand painted game assets
22 hand painted game assets
28 hand painted game assets
use custom css to create a content warning for your game page.
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A guide and templates for making your Itch pages look awesome.
From Inklecate compile to a template base constructed by Tayruh, modified by me
Interactive Fiction
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(for intermediate user) template code for use in Twine 2 with SugarCube 2 story format
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an automatic ink compiler
a web engine for interactive fiction