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Short But Sweet

a collection by headhunter455 · last updated 2017-06-24 03:46:25
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posted 2017-06-24T03:46:25 by headhunter455
posted 2015-12-21T11:21:49 by headhunter455

Huh... Cool concept...

...Nice twist.

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posted 2015-12-21T10:32:14 by headhunter455

Nice and cute, some decisions are harder than others though and some outcomes might not be what you'd want.


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posted 2015-12-21T10:19:26 by headhunter455
posted 2015-12-21T10:13:22 by headhunter455
posted 2015-07-25T08:58:58 by headhunter455

I'm a sucker for hacking games, and I really like the cyber-space approach to hacking, although some of the platforming bits are annoying, it's mostly very cool, especially the riddles and word/thinking puzzles.

I love uplink and other hacking games, not much typing in this game unfortunately, mostly just clicking, reading, dragging and dropping tools, and when you hack you do a first-person bit. I would've liked to see some interesting elements like password cracking, encryption, etc in the first person parts, might've made each server feel like a network rather than just a collection of levels called "nodes"

Pretty cool though, if you're bad at fps platforming and impatient though I'd pass if I were you.

posted 2015-07-25T07:06:28 by headhunter455

If you keep track of where the buildings are and which are left, then this is pretty fun. Not much to it, but it's good at what it's for.

There's a trick to fighting, get up higher so you guarantee a hit, and try to be in corruption as well, so you'll hit for more damage.

posted 2015-07-24T19:45:19 by headhunter455

Very cool game, similar to gunpoint, but very cool in it's own right as well.

posted 2015-07-24T19:24:37 by headhunter455

This game's funny and challenging.

First time I played it I was laughing a lot.

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posted 2015-07-24T18:34:32 by headhunter455

420 Blaze It. That basically sums it up.

Funnily enough, the shooting and movement mechanics are very nice, but the game is a joke, obviously, and quite funny depending on one's opinion of the MLG montage parody things.

posted 2015-07-24T18:30:39 by headhunter455

Very cool physics, but besides that there's not much here. But seriously, very cool physics.

posted 2015-07-24T18:26:36 by headhunter455

Rather Short, very cute. It's got that cookie clicker type of thing where you upgrade to get more money to get more upgrades, etc. Funsies.