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Sims 4 Mod Collection

This add-on mod will revamp EA’s billing system. Eventually it will be merged with SNB.
A storytelling mod that allows Sims to join a war and meet their fate on the battlefield
Equip a magical disguise to evade consequences!
Conveniently conjure cakes using magic!
Four dark new spells for The Sims 4 Realm of Magic
Balanced and more engaging potion gameplay for Realm of Magic
Small changes to make Spellcaster gameplay more balanced and engaging
A complete rethinking of the game's career pay and promotion requirements
Addons to the Basemental Drugs mod for The Sims 4
Sims 4 Hair as it should be, REAListically imperfect and yet REAListically progressed.
New phone interactions to bring life to your Sims around town
Need a little Sim interaction when making your SNB transaction? Welcome to your physical Financial Center.
Two traits from Scarlet, kept updated for newer patches
Two new Lifestyle traits to get Sims to engage with Spa Day content
New traits to fill out the roster with hobbies and other preferences
Extreme versions of old traits and new traits for more eccentric Sims
Want to be completely surprised by your Sim pregnancy? This is the mod for you!
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