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abegorr's Collection

a collection by abegorr · last updated 2017-05-12 20:33:20
Fly around an island as a bird and collect all the fruit in this relaxing exploration game.
A short atmospheric experience set on a desolate island.
Find a den to call your own. Forage for food, decoration and grass to build your nest
Santorini walking simulator
Procedural texture generator beta
Simplified Procedural Building Generation
A Small Pixel Art Animator, now with procedural generation capabilities
Easiest and fastest way to create, save, and export thumbnails for videos on sites like Youtube!
A script based procedural modelling framework for Unity
Software for generating WAV sound files in the format of stereo (2.0), 5.1 and 7.1
Art tool that creates images from a source image and a "style"! Helps programmers create non-programmer art. :)
Still a work in progress. Perhaps it'll turn into something interesting. Mostly just for fun though.
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