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Games to explore alternate, possible or post-scarcity futures.

Games of rebellion and transgression.

Games of acceptance and anger.

An ENBY Solarpunk Epic Fantasy.

Dual Souled is a Powered by the Apocalypse game of epic solarpunk fantasy action with queer heroes, featuring elements of eldritch horror as a direct metaphor for the dangers of climate change. Inspired by Final Fantasy, the Solarpunk Manifesto, and the radical queer leftist movement. This is the ash-can playkit. I will be expanding the book in the future. For now have a blast saving the world from the remnants of industrial empire.

A small rpg about rekindling a dying world with hope. And please, look after yourself.

Arunika is a TTRPG of maintaining hope, sharing it with the world, and most importantly, caring for yourself while you're at it.

The rulebook reflects a world's journey towards revival from the characters who escalate it. It is made with the vision of a game that has a non-violent, narrative-first, and feelings-focused system which can be interpreted in many optimistic, creative, whimsical, melancholic, or introspective ways.

Sorry, not sorry for this over-the-top rpg about trans on nazi violence.
A map-making and journaling solo RPG. Be the Forest. End civilization.

"I am the Forest" is a solo TTRPG focused on map-making and story telling. 

You play a Forest attempting to win back land usurped by a threatening civilization. 

Create art in a solarpunk utopia. Capture miracles. Explore yourself.
Solarpunk Wanderhome hack based on A Psalm for the Wild-Built
A game of long-lived Flora and their many Caretakers for 1-6 players
A game about ecosystems and reclaiming land for small communities.
Maintain a garden utopia that has lost its Gardener
A map-drawing game for regenerative futures
A solo game about communities in a post-capitalist world
Vampire swans and stoic resistance in this Dark-fantasy system-free setting based in a future Liverpool
A TTRPG about reviving an ecology, and the possibilities that rise from that growing network of life.
Solo journaling game about the life of a tree
Small gardening game about restoring your community
Role Playing
Play in browser
A tale of a kinder future
A shooter where you swarm the spooky enemy teams. Theme: Solidarity. Made for the Stay Safe Game Jam
Play in browser
a game of ecological horror with the backdrop of a solarpunk utopia. The world ain't saved yet.
The social ecological storytelling game where you and your friends build a better world.
A solarpunk ttrpg heavily influenced by Apocalypse World.
A Revolutionary take on Number Go Up.
A game about a reverse apocalypse
Aidez des communautés à redevenir autonomes dans un futur lointain et solarpunk.
a game about building communities under ecological duress.
A down to the ground 24XX game
A guide to imagining new and diffrent futures.
A simple #WSCA game about living in a solarpunk world
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