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CBR+PNK Directory

a collection by Emanoel Melo · last updated 2023-11-10 03:04:10
DARK CITY is a one shot scenario for CBR+PNK inspired by the Running Man.
Role Playing
CBR+PNK Binary Tree Depth Crawl
Tremont Plaza is a supplement for CBR+PNK that introduces purchasable weapons, augments, and companions
Role Playing
A versatile One-Shot for your favorite dystopian future.
Hack into the mind of a friend to save them from becoming a weapon.
WONDERLAND is a one shot score for CBR+PNK centering around a legendary massive rave known as W0ND3R.
Role Playing
CBR+PNK Last Run with Google Drive epic boss fight.
Tabletop RPG for cinematic cyberpunk one-shots.
A survival thriller setting-scenario for CBR+PNK
A /plugin of otherworldly powers for CBR+PNK
a heist /RUN for CBR+PNK
A daunting /Run for CBR+PNK
a plugin for CBR+PNK with extra rules for netrunners and cyberdeck cowboys
unofficial campaign rules for CBR+PNK
CBR+PNK Last Run with Google Drive hacker puzzle.
A homebrew firearms art movement for CBR+PNK.
Call a Caballero for your CBR+PNK troubles.
A fast-paced /RUN for CBR+PNK
A nemesis-building plugin for CBR+PNK
CBR+PNK City Pamphlet with new cutting edge content.
A CBR+PNK business card plugin