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Opium Pulses' Collection

a collection by Opium Pulses · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:09
posted 2016-03-17T18:40:27 by Opium Pulses

From the creator of the awesome Missileman Origins, a colourful and exciting platformer that'll keep you entertained!

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posted 2016-02-28T17:33:49 by Opium Pulses

Finally the cult classic series is represented in game form. Nothing matches Salad Fingers on multiple levels.

posted 2016-02-17T19:57:58 by Opium Pulses

Great controls, art, style and charm. Super addictive indie-fun!

posted 2015-07-18T15:11:25 by Opium Pulses

Exaggerated and over the top, silly jousting action! A good laugh without a doubt!

posted 2015-07-18T15:10:16 by Opium Pulses

A tongue in cheek but polished brawler that is fresh and enjoyable throughout.

posted 2015-07-18T15:09:11 by Opium Pulses

A pacman inspired game set in a somehow cute dungeon with various powerups and weapons, never gets old.

posted 2015-07-18T15:07:24 by Opium Pulses

Cute little puzzle/adventure game set in the 'body' of a ghost who's only interest is scaring people out of town, Terrortown!

posted 2015-07-18T15:05:47 by Opium Pulses

Roguelike RPG with turn based combat, reminded me in a way of the first Fallout.

posted 2015-07-18T15:04:43 by Opium Pulses

Immersive and charming murder detective, point & click / puzzle game.

posted 2015-07-18T15:03:12 by Opium Pulses

Addictive squad based roguelike set on a steampunk-esque spaceship

posted 2015-07-18T15:01:54 by Opium Pulses

Ever wanted to do everything on your PC from your gamepad? Sounds impossible right? Not anymore.

posted 2015-07-18T15:01:03 by Opium Pulses

Addictive puzzle game that pushes you to solve just one more level!

posted 2015-07-18T15:00:12 by Opium Pulses

Cute little adventure RPG that keeps you entertained.

posted 2015-07-18T14:58:07 by Opium Pulses

No two play throughs are the same, if you don't laugh once, you're a robot.

posted 2015-07-18T14:16:28 by Opium Pulses

Beautifully designed vector shooter is like Asteroids made for 2015, a game hopefully Opium Pulses can help be seen by more gamers!