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GameMaker legacy curiosities

GameMaker extensions that had been made more or less obsolete by addition of built-in features - mostly useful for older GM versions.

Fixes a specific caveat in GMS1 games

This bug is fixed in GMS2

Convert DnD blocks in GMS1 projects to equivalent GML
Run in browser

GMS2 has a new DnD system that can be converted to code out of box.

Standard-issue compression/decompression functions for GameMaker games.

Superseded by buffer_[de]compress in GMS2

What if you didn't have merge conflicts in your collaborative GameMaker Studio 2 projects

GMS2.3 made changes to project format that made it more "git-compatible"

Get information about the player's screen(s)!

Mostly superseded by window_get_visible_rects

Work with files in all accessible places in GameMaker games.

Superseded by "disable file system sandbox" option in GMS2

Repairs and re-imports missing resources into GMS2.2 projects!

See Sahaun's "YYP maker" for GMS2.3+

Error handling for GameMaker games

Superseded by native exception handling in GMS2.3+