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Outliers and Outsiders (Magical Girl Gina)

a collection by XCVG · last updated 2023-11-10 03:03:50

A series of subversive magical girl games, mostly but not all first person shooters, set against the backdrop of the pandemic and its aftermath.


Added Mar 15, 2021 by XCVG

The first game in the series

Turns out Gina is a mahou shoujo, whatever that is. Time to fight some monsters and try not to die.

Set in Summer 2020

Added Sep 12, 2021 by XCVG

The second game in the series

Gina, Sakura and friends come under attack from what might be another magical girl.

Set in October-November 2020

Added May 19, 2023 by XCVG

A tie-in set after the second game

Against the backdrop of a world in crisis, Gina must adapt to her new circumstances as a magical girl. Maybe it's not all bad, though.

Visual Novel
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Added Sep 11, 2022 by XCVG

A side story featuring mostly different characters

When monsters and magical girls come crashing through the walls, college student Steve will have to face a series of revelations that change everything

Set in September 2021

Added Oct 13, 2021 by XCVG

A Christmas special set after the second game in the series

When terrorists crash a fancy holiday party, it's up to Gina to save the day (and her girlfriend)

Set in December 2021