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Games that will get Somewhere

a collection by Kaaven · last updated 2018-03-13 23:03:02
Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas!
Apocryph is an old-school fantasy shooter inspired by Hexen, Heretic, Painkiller and Strife.
Roguelike RPG Fantasy Card Game
Role Playing
Demo for Dead Exit: the zombie apocalypse base management card game
Card Game
Survival adventure RPG with tactical turn-based battles in a dark, low fantasy, procedurally generated world
Role Playing
This game is a Hardcore Roguelike in first person with a voxel graphics.
Role Playing
A Roguelike/RPG/Stealth/Shooter/Brawler
Role Playing
1bit adventure game of cosmic horror inspired by the work of Junji Ito
Role Playing