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When is she most alive? When is she most dead?
If you're going to play MOSAIC Strict you need a chargen system
The power of being determined, inspired, sensual, free of stress and anxiety.
Gather with your companions around a yuletide fire this year and the new sun may grant your secret prayers.
You want a Pawn to help satisfy your aspirations? Ask your gamemaster and they’ll put an NPC Pawn in your life.
This One NPC for MOSAIC Strict
We just have to disbelieve the lies, the fictions, collectively somehow.
#ThisOneNPC for MOSAIC Strict, inspired by Paul Czege
"He cooks a wonderful dinner for the two of you."
He's a mixed breed you bought from a kid in a resettlement camp, and he's the best friend you've ever had.
It Makes Us Yearn for Each Other If We Let It
MOSAIC Strict rules for battles in giant armor.
A modular polyhedral dice set based combat system for TTRPG designers.
Character background and species worksheets for any tabletop RPG
An advancement system for use with other MOSAIC modules or any TTRPG
Your Story Comes From God
Gauntlets of hazard and skill for any tabletop RPG
A MOSAIC Strict module for interpersonal influence
You know about how Dracula can't come into your home unless you invite him? It's based in truth, but not like that.
d20 mostly fantasy, with a splash of post-apocalyptic, character backgrounds
I'm at the NPC. I'm at the quest mechanic. I'm at the combination NPC and quest mechanic.
"You don't have to be still dead."
Yeah, You're a Ghoul, but Only Occasionally, and No One Knows Anyway.
A marriage of prompt-driven solo journaling and group-based TTRPG play.
What if TTRPG battles were actually terrifying?
a ttrpg magic system inspired by Ursula LeGuin
A character system module for MOSAIC strict
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