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Kirill_karma's Collection

a collection by Kirill_karma 路 last updated 2022-05-03 09:45:16
Early Demo Version PC and MAC OS
Summon your minions, destroy villages and collect the souls of futile mortals.
Role Playing
Play in browser
Relive the first few hours of the PS4 classic, rebuilt with PS1 aesthetics!
An open world racing game!
New visual experience packed in Minecraft resource pack
The official EliteMobs Guild Hub!
Save the world from a terrible fate and explore unusual lands in this fully fledged Collect-A-Thon Doom mod!
A cinematic remake about the true & unreleased story of what was going to be the classic SNES game
Fantasy action arcade gameplay mod for Doom
Bioshock demake for Doom 2
A large modification that adds a lot of new content
Nuclear Throne brought to the third dimension!
Everlasting Battle Vigilance
The Lays of Alent毛 Rise of Nations Mod is a modification for this game to allow you to play with the cultures.
Harrogath (2021) - Map for TSE only.
shooter, mod for far cry
Insomnium (2020) - Campaign for TSE (& Rev later). Contains 2 levels.
Doom gameplay mod featuring slightly strange weapons, and monsters.
A retro-inspired Doom adventure!
Help Amanda collect the materials to restore a fantasy world!
Sling shot the solar system with limited amount of fuel.
鈥婦warflings is a hardcore classic which will be a challenge for the brain and fingers.
Uncover the Secrets of the Snow
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