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a collection by ghosthunter · last updated 2023-11-10 03:03:24

Games that cool people have made. 

A "lo-fi" gardening roguelike
Play in browser

combines gardening and rogue-lite mechanics in a fun way, is strangely atmospheric. the aesthetics are nice on the eyes too!

Rpg game with lucid dreaming & mysteries.
Role Playing

a fun teaser with an emphasis on meditation and self-care. play it, looks good. 

100 rooms, 10 Suspects, 1 Murder

good murder mystery with really interesting persuasion mechanics

Only when you find the key, then you'll be able to leave.

adorable aesthetics and promising demo.

Unleash your Lux! Your RPG Adventure on the Moon Awaits!

a sci-fi rm2k3 game with great visuals and combat. 

What is it I can't remember?

an epic rpg horror adventure with some light turn-based combat. 

Cut your way to the truth. Find your boss' murderer!
Role Playing

really fun and stylish.