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Down the Rabbit Hole Jam

We lost our home with the Philly Game Forge closing but we must jam on.

This jam is about leaving the familiar behind and finding yourself in world that is deeply other. Things do not appear or behave as expected. Your long-held models of how the world works are useless here. Old stalwarts like physics and logic may not even have survived the trip intact.

On one hand, your world is re-enchanted and your eyes are wide, but, on the other, you're not on solid footing. You have to figure out how to even be in this world before you can do what you came here to do.

head to head competition: 90's style!
A one touch winding journey to seek out new places, but avoid the slumps!
Dive into a technicolor virtual world and jump your way to freedom!
Taking a virtual vacation can have surreal consequences
This subway has an evil riddle.