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Tiny Jam

Here are the constraints:

Analog Games

  • Materials: Must have a value of less than $5. This means that every object your game uses must have been purchased or be purchasable for less than $5 dollars total. You can already own it, but subtract its market value from your budget. Also, you can buy things cheaper, used materials if you can find them, but no free things.
  • Instructions: No more than 250 words. Game must be playable with only the instructions

Twine Games

  • Text: No more than 250 words
  • Scripts: No more than 5k total file size

Digital Games

  • Scripts: No more than 10k total size of all files, including shaders, and no external libraries
  • Graphics: No more than one 256 x 256 px texture (likely as a sprite sheet)
  • Audio: No more than 10 seconds total audio, including music and sound effects. Feel free to compose and recombine these clips procedurally at runtime.
  • 3D Models: No more than 1000 tris. This pertains only to models built in modeling software. Procedural generation of geometry is ok.
Minimal Fencing
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Super Tiny rogue-like made in 16 hours with <10k code and 1 texture for Philly Game Forge's Tiny Jam.
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Like asteroids, but with more Newtonian physics
Dodge meteors + collect gems in a modern port of a classic Apple IIe game.
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