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Cairn Adventures

a collection by Yochai Gal · last updated 2024-05-01 16:43:54
Thirty-six hexes literally crawling with insects!
Una aventura para Cairn en un naipe | A Cairn adventure on a playing card
a one page fishin' contest, for cairn.
An short dungeon for Cairn
A hunt for powerful artifacts in a quaint but cursed countryside, based on the ghost stories of M. R. James
A Door-based OSR Adventure
A temple-crawl to save a meditating abbot
A One-Page-Dungeon for OSR games. Includes Cairn stats on a second sheet.
A wizard tower heist filled with sword wielding ravens - a OPD for Cairn
A druidic temple of healing has been overrun by lycans, in this OPD for Cairn
A Door-Filled Funhouse Dungeon
one-page rules agnostic dungeon adventure about going into a cave in order to get a fortune read.
A 12 room dungeon for Cairn 2e, in honor of Jennell Jacquays.
A dungeon crawl inspired by The Island of Dr. Moreau. Compatible with Cairn and DURF.
An fantasy tabletop role-play game adventure for Cairn
A Billionaire's Lair in honour of Jennell Jaquays
Exploration adventure for Cairn
A hexcrawl through Elfland
A Science-Fantasy Adventure for Cairn
A One-Shot adventure for the CAIRN TTRPG
A grimy pamphlet dungeon for Cairn.
A puzzle dungeon TTRPG adventure module for Cairn
Quest through a mythic realm of perilous beauty in this sandbox campaign setting for old-school tabletop RPGs.
A doomed village for Cairn RPG
A short campaign setting for Cairn and Liminal Horror inspired by the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.
A fairytale module for the Cairn adventure game
A Cairn Adventure Inspired by Polish Folklore, Language and Culture
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