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Games Portfólio

Méliès GameJam
2ºMix Game Jam BIG Festival theme: Comming Out
Greetings, this is Centro Cultural São Paulo located in Paraiso, Vergueiro
Try the life agian ?
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Sick but not bad to down is a game who focus in you try not to get a cold , Look to the pictures and good luck !
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Based in Hercules in New York(1970)
Defuse the bomb dude. Your happiness depends on it.
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WGJ 22
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Battle with your friends,With or against them
One android service the clear orders to kill the President Trump on year of 2069
Games made on, play on splonder
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GGJ 2017 Game -Theme Waves
Survive the waves and win you freedom from the Death EYE
Global Game Jam 2015 game,100% Portuguese,Soon Free DLCs
El año 1402, España y Portugal no invadirían América Latina y México y por supuesto Brasil
Aliens decide destroy he earth,well if i tell you are the Aliens
one dino decide eats everything from earth and conquers the world
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