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LIGHT Third Party Content

a collection by Gila RPGs · last updated 2022-02-19 21:24:45

Modules and other releases for the LIGHT RPG created by the incredible community!

Beacons explore repowered stations in this Strike for the Light RPG
An establish strike for Light
A class for LIGHT
An Unofficial Module for LIGHT
A Roving Adventure for the LIGHT ttrpg
A fan-made module for LIGHT.
Descend into the depths and confront an ancient evil. Forge a sword out of legend and slay the Undying King
A companion supplement for LIGHT RPG
A LIGHT armor module.
Collect shinies and nab some epic loot
A basebuilding module for Light
A supplement for the Light rpg.
A LIGHT ability & power module
A LIGHT class module
A new character origin (Penumbral) for LIGHT.
A new character origin (Eidolon) for LIGHT.
An unofficial downtime module for LIGHT