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a collection by stuntddude · last updated 2017-08-20 03:30:27
It's bad to keep your negative thoughts for yourself.
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Folk. Lore. Play.

pretentious board game I guess?

Northwest Tattoo Flash!

not 100% sure what this is

Realtime VHS-era video artifacts for Unreal Engine
Craft the perfect action movie one liner.
Retro gaming FX for Unreal Engine
CRT screen simulation for Unreal Engine
For those of us who don't have an actual beach nearby.
A lightweight app that takes card images and spits out print and play booster pack sheets.
A Gambling Game For Families
Short 80's-ish EP for EPJam4
Easy tool for creating ready-to-print PDFs from trading card game images
Spacey music collab for EP Jam 4!
a story about poor sportsmanship and anime facts
Ego of Epimetheus is a frankenpunk science fiction tabletop game.