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Games I worked on

a collection by Catt Small · last updated 2018-10-27 00:20:40

These are games that I helped to create but exist on other accounts.

I made ComPETition, 1/6th of the games in this bundle!

BeatCoaster is a wild rhythmic ride.

I made this game with 3 other great humans for the 2017 train jam.

Dodge alien attacks and shift into better firing positions to protect the Earth.

Prism Shell is a Brooklyn Gamery game I created with Chris Algoo and Dennis Liaw. It was originally for a Tizen hackathon but was later launched on other platforms.

A fast and asymmetrical team-based game for five players!

NYU Game Center commissioned me to create this game for their No Quarter exhibition. I am distributing the game through my company, Brooklyn Gamery.