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Five Powers Jam Collection

a collection by WuDeRPG · last updated 2021-09-21 21:44:03
Roleplay your own Korean historical drama!
slice of afterlife
Who you gonna call?
The honorable Wizards Duel
A Philippine mythology tabletop game
A history building game, inspired by 五德
Spicy Hot Cabbage Game
Your Most Personal Journaling Experience
You are not the wielder of the holy sword. You are its creator.
5 Fists
Your Weapon defines your Character
Handy Cards for the Element Dice System
Even more vanilla than that white feng shui dude
A Magical Girl Game
A Shared Narrative where you Safe the Island today or tomorrow, or the day after .. doesn't matter - it's always Today!
A Shared Narrative for 2 players about Transformations and Magical Girls
An intimate Partner Game
Expanded and Variation rules for the Element Dice system and WuDe narrative RPG.