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Things I've worked on

This is stuff that I've worked on and have been uploaded to itch. In my comments, you can read about what I have done for that project.

Space Crawl is a first-person zero-gravity shooter built exclusively for VR.

I did everything related to programming except for the AI in this game.

A VR storytelling experience

I was the sole programmer for this VR game in trimester 4. 

Work your way through 4 emotional states

I worked on the various 2D cameras for this project.

Snowy destruction

I was one of 2 programmers on this project we worked on for 4 weeks in trimester 3. Both of us worked on general gameplay stuff and mechanics.

A beat game where you play versus your friend.

This was made during 2016 48h Global Game Jam. 

I worked together with 2 other programmers and 1 designer.

I worked on general gameplay for this game.

Text game about overcoming your bully.

This was a small story based game I worked on. I took a break from programming to try out dialogue design.