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a collection by Dane Byrd · last updated 2020-09-27 21:56:39
Catch fireflies to light your path through the dark woods and uncover the mystery behind the destroyed ligthouse
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Here's a collection of jam games I've worked on as designer, producer, project manager or as a number of other roles as a generalist.

Diversify your deck in this fusion of a deckbuilder, Breakout, and Puzzle Bobble created in OpenGL

Manage your deck and capture new monsters from the field in this fusion of breakout, bubble-shooter, and a deck-builder.

The tree your nest is in has come alive! Chase after it and repair any damage to make sure the tree isn't desttoyed

The tree holding your nest was struck by lighting and is now alive and running away! Catch up to it quickly to repair your newly sentient home and make a new friend.


This skull is rolling forward on his quest to recover his missing bones and return to normal. Luckily some unexpected help arrives.