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Brazilian Tabletop Games

a collection by Emanoel Melo · last updated 2022-09-28 18:33:17
A daunting /Run for CBR+PNK
A mecha-crawling poster dungeon for Micro Circuits
Improved bardic skills for the win!
New statue-type enemies for Mork Borg.
Meddlers against a worldwide train conspiracy
A Solo Hexcrawl RPG About Rediscovering The Wonders of The World
A story-building game about exploring a wondrous land.
A simple ruled OSR RPG system
Role Playing
A Solo or GM-agnostic tool for creating scenes using a six-sided die and a tarot deck
A game on a mug. Slow down and contemplate your story with a warm beverage
An RPG about Dinosaurs who protect the Galaxy from Evil Forces
Six new archetypes for MINIBX inspired by the classic game Diablo II
A pocket questing tool.
A story game about perceptions on violence.
A family friendly narrative of boundless imagination
A challenging surreal heist adventure for AZAG Weird Sword & Sorcery Roleplaying
A system of doing conflicts that works for anything from combats to conversations
Communication rules for Primal Quest
A short minimalist TTRPG ispired by Basic D&D and other games
inimalist XB hack
A minimalist cyberpunk horror and survival RPG with minimalist rules and endless possibilities.
An Epic Fantasy game about common folk against a Evil Dark Lord
A third party Brave Zenith supplement
A zombie apocalypse survival RPG with minimalist rules and modern design
hunt monster hunters! punch nazis! eat the rich! protect each other! fight back! here, there, be monsters!
A random generated dream adventure
Cyberpunk game with the Old School spirit
A cozy camp & weird tales journaling game 🌙
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