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Brazilian Tabletop Games

a collection by Emanoel Melo 路 last updated 2023-11-10 03:01:38
A solo RPG about a jazz pianist turned occult detective
A game about paying attention, looking after your friends and, above all, memory.
a solo game on energy, perception and priorities
A dungeon crawler in space, with a twist. What if Star Trek went terribly wrong?
Cosmic Adventure for OSR games.
A cinematic slasher RPG for tense one-shots. Fear in a handful of dice.
A 90s Urban Fantasy Skirmish Game
A solo journaling misadventure about a monster and the sea 馃悏
A narrative card game capturing the electrifying climax of a championship football match.
A coop & solo TTRPG in a pamphlet!
The Enemy's followers are trying to release a ancient monster in this adventure for Forgotten Ballad
A Lasers & Feelings hack inspired by Mage: The Ascension
A one-page card-based murder mystery game of elegant deceit and deadly secrets
Forgotten Ballad Icy Adventure.
Computadores fazem Arte?
Explore a bright fantasy world of a thousand isles
A one-shot, wet, 8-legged dungeon adventure
Embark on a dice-driven adventure in a dynamic dungeon. Conquer the ancient-sealed lair of a relentless demon.
Quest-based classic fantasy RPG
Bestiary for 24XX, Into the Odd/Cairn, Knave & Troika
A Capaclean fantasy RPG
CBR+PNK Last Run with Google Drive epic boss fight.
A dungeon, village and forest for Forgotten Ballad and Cairn
Rules-Light Solo Vampire RPG
A game about the last moments of a society as it slowly loses the last parts of itself
An OSE setting with tribal folk and primitive monsters
A Solo Journaling Game
A duo ttrpg about the fight for control and survival
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