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Brazilian Tabletop Games

a collection by Emanoel Melo · last updated 2021-10-01 20:54:13
A High Fantasy Solarpunk setting for fantasypunk or any other game
A dungeonpunk hack: explore the world, meet people, delve into dungeons and watch for each other.
A minimalist system for resolving challenges in any setting.
A Solarpunk Hack of Lasers & Feelings About Community and Caring
A journaling game about Making impossible futures possible
A list of articles, games, resources and blogs involving safety tools and their application in TTRPG games.
A Belonging Outside Belonging game in a Solarpunk future.
A contemplative solo journaling RPG
A bookmark micro larp to play alone while your read
A storytelling game about traveling, the memories we make, and how we drift apart.
A two-player where you build the history between two people by reconstructing their memories
Mycelium is a quick one-page collaborative game where you must all work together to achieve a common goal.
A single session gmless story telling game about creating and haunting a village
A fight between your human and animal mind.
A dungeon room for Mörk Borg full of deadly chickens
Souls Like Cairn Hack in mini zine format. Getter your comrades. Overthrow tyrants.
A Mork Borg adventure with a traitor
An enigmatic and minimalist, system agnostic setting for any TTRPG
A simple RPG by Horos.
A set of paper miniatures for the Mutants of Ixx
A Brazilian Christmas Zine for Mausritter
Classic Tombs & Crabs Fantasy Roleplaying
Optional rules and guidance for the minimalist Sword Quest fantasy RPG!
A One Page Fantasy Adventure Game
Pull this pin, let this world explode.
A mini-zine ruleset for tabletop adventures
A fast-paced /RUN for CBR+PNK
a community created dungeon inside the worm god
Role Playing
New OSE Class (CW: Meat, animal consumption)
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