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Icicle Engine Games

a collection by Cheeseness · last updated 2017-07-13 00:04:27

A list of games created with the first person/text adventure hybrid engine Icicle.

posted 2017-07-12T23:57:22 by Cheeseness

Engage in heroic shenanigans in a burning building as The Spicy Meatball. Created for the Linux Game Jam 2017.

posted 2017-07-12T23:57:55 by Cheeseness

Created for Icicle Jam Zero.

posted 2016-12-06T01:34:05 by Cheeseness

Explore a strange land and find power for your tribe. Created for Icicle Jam Zero and Wizard Jam 4.

posted 2017-07-12T23:57:38 by Cheeseness

Play as an adventure trapped in a snowy mountain pass on their way home. The game that the Icicle engine was developed for!

posted 2017-07-12T23:57:31 by Cheeseness

An in-development remake of the classic 70s text adventure as a showcase of the Icicle engine's features and a celebration of adventure game history

posted 2017-07-12T23:57:44 by Cheeseness

Explore a woman's identity through her fragmented memories. Created for TasJam 2015.

posted 2017-07-13T00:04:27 by Cheeseness

A re-creation of several scenes from Myst as a first person/text adventure hybrid. Created for Myst Jam 2016.