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Balsams and Balms

a collection by Huyuu · last updated 2020-09-02 01:51:47
A system-agnostic guide to plants of the freshwater marshes, complete with descriptions for all five senses.
The Leaf of Dreaming Stains your Teeth.
It'll show you such wondrous things...
It'll help you recover from disease, but you might feel a bit drunk.
Things might get a bit... itchy.
Your breath will be so still you'll seem dead.
This will make a hearty stew.
Create a brew that makes you brave.
If you can't stand the heat... drink this.
Slowly... ever so slowly... they waste away.
Hey, you smell like a friend.
The desert whispers prayers of rain.
A blessing on the battlefield.
It grants darkvision but it isn't easy on the stomach.
Go and visit the past without leaving your wizard's parlor.
Because an undersea adventure in a campaign is like the flashback episode of a sitcom.
I am a golden god...
Feel nothing. Fear nothing.
Weapons of Ravenswood are blessed by the gods.
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