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Otome Games!

a collection by Determina · last updated 2016-12-04 21:41:56

These are some awesome games that I highly suggest people to play!

posted 2016-12-04T21:41:56 by Determina

This is an AMAZING game! It has cats, it's for both genders, it's awesome, etc. Yeah, it does cost 20 dollars, but it's so worth it!!! My favorite characters are Reese and Hayes. Please at least play the demo, its such a good game! Just give it a try.

posted 2016-11-26T06:56:34 by Determina

I love this game, especially the MC, Anholly. She tells puns, and kind of reminds me of Yvin.. You know, Yvin... that guy from Magical Otoge Ciel...? Yup, him. Oh! Play Magical Otoge Ciel first, because the creator of the game said so- BECAUSE IT MAKES THE STORY MORE... awesome...? Yeah, awesome!... This game brought tears to my eyes... Oh, and if you don't want to start sincerely hating birds, then um... this game might not be for you...

posted 2016-11-25T02:11:51 by Determina

Amazing game! I can't wait for it to be finished! They say that they might release the first routes at around February 2017, but since they have busy lives, unlike me, who spends all of her time wishing to be in the same scenario as the MC in this game, but with all of my favorite otome characters, they might have to push back the date. BUt, hey! It's still an amazing game! My favorite character is Enzo... Why otome games, why?!?

posted 2016-11-23T12:30:13 by Determina

Amazing game! Estimated release date: January-March 2017! Awesome storyline about a girl coming from riches to rags. Obviously didn't steal that quote from the game, totally didn't. Favorite Character: Rod Benedikt Widdensov

posted 2016-11-23T11:48:49 by Determina

Awesome game! Favorite character is Yvin!

posted 2016-11-23T11:45:59 by Determina

Play Magical Otoge Ciel first!!! The full version of this game is somewhere around 2018 I believe.... Oh, and my favorite character is Henri... So sad T-T... Play the game so then you would know what I mean!!!