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Transmasc content (print)

This is intended to catalogue all print-medium content on which specifically include transmasculine (binary men, nonbinary people, fluids of any form, those who are genderqueer - any case of stepping away or rejecting an initial assignment to Will Always Be A Woman fits here) narratives. 

Representation can be in the form of taking the POV of a transmasculine narrator, including at least one fleshed-out transmasculine character, or being works by transmasculine creators related to gender and sexuality. 

If you think I have erroneously included your work or the work of someone you know, please drop me a line! (Screening all "transgender" content on itch as of July 2020 as I did when I started this collection took like 16 hours... I've tried not to include nb authors who aren't touching on direction-specific experiences, but I'm sure I screwed up somewhere.)

!!!Please regard content warnings very carefully before reading entries - in addition to dysphoria-related content or unabashed pornography, some works contain graphic violence and/or other disturbing themes!!! 

(A few works I was not able to examine in detail due to price limitations have been included to highlight the artist creating them.)

If you see a publication that should be here and isn't, please let me know so I can add it.

Your favourite character of Homestuck is transgender.
A self-reflective homestuck fanzine about how Jane Crocker helped to nudge me in the direction of finding my gender.
on transness, disability, and being left behind
a short zine about queer family

Not actually transmasc specific. A more general experience of queer gendernonconformity also applicable to cis butch lesbians and bisexual women.

I'm including it because the frustration Vibes closely.

a documentary poem about trans imagining
A game about queer silence and language.
A comic about my personal journey with my gender identity
This is an explicit 18+ zine centred around sex and intimacy in relation to trans masculine identities!
A reflection on life.
Play in browser
My twin haunts me. She's the girl I refuse to be.
a zine about going into power-saving mode during periods
a post-depression poem interupted by boring talks of the weather
a q-&-a style zine for trans hysto hopefuls
A witch and his boyfriend figure out a way to 'connect' despite their distance.
coping with my gender feelings + beginning to accept them
just a short poem on gender, being unaligned, and realizing your gender is the same gender as angels.
queer underground cyberpunk fetish fanzine

At least one relevant-ish section

Here's the story I wrote for the Lite Novel Jam!
A stand alone fantasy novel about a trans man on a quest to find his heart. Created by an all trans team.
by the stars, I’m in so much trouble
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