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Third Party Mothership Modules

A big plant with even bigger ambitions. And a crew...
A MOTHERSHIP crawl through an abandoned research ship filled with savage uplifts.
Super-lightweight Starcraft for Sci-fi RPGs
The Cheesiest Place in the Galaxy!
A Free Kriegsspiel Revolution proposal for Mothership RPG

A Free Kriegspiel Riff on Mothership

D100 Ship Encounters for Mothership
Space Western Sandbox for Mothership RPG
Escape a collapsing maximum security prison deep below a methane ocean...
An electronic horror adventure for Mothership. Fight and flee your way out of the clutches of a sinister arcade machine.
Your guide to life in the Outer Rim.
A Mothership Sandbox Campaign
A Murder Mystery for Mothership
An Occult Mothership Funnel
Spatial Madness!
written for the player who grappled a Grabber Tree to snag a Grabapple
My submission for the 2019 One Page Dungeon Contest
The Black Pyramid; an RPG Zine scenario for the game Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games.
Role Playing
"Captain Blackheart is dead." Module for the Mothership RPG
An Adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG
A Dinosaur Horror Scenario in Space
D100 Unsettling Items for Sci-Fi RPGs
Nebula hex-crawl for Mothership RPG
An adventure module for the Mothership sci-fi horror RPG.
A MOTHERSHIP module with additional portraits and an audio file!
Pamphlet module for Mothership
A harrowing sci-fi horror TTRPG scenario
A Mothership module