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made with the Electric Zine Maker

a collection by alienmelon · last updated 2021-05-11 20:46:23

A collection of zines made with the Electric Zine Maker.
If you make one, let me know so I can add it!

drawing collection zine
Make your own Imaginary Residency in 6 Steps
Microfiction, bloodsports, chainsaw massacres, jokes
A small zine about the lights in the night sky
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A small zine about cryptids
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A zine about the things we leave behind
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a zine about being part of a system
a zine about the wonders of the internet
Numbers and words placed in sequence.
a zine about genderwreckage
did you know anyone can just make a zine?
A zine about history and heritage
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The crew for my forthcoming game, The North
"F*ck it, let's have more cryptids!" — Disco Elysium fanart zine
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Meditations on the theme of credit, distributed credit systems, credits in games
A short comic about transition in solar space.
an eight page gaming zine for the Era of Content
Create a fun critter from a scribble
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words and photography mashup using EZM
a collaborative queer games bundle for June 2021 (Pride)
A mini-zine with blasphemy, nudity, blood, and TONS of neon colors!
A dumb zine I made
zine made using EZM
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zine made using EZM
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