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made with the Electric Zine Maker

a collection by alienmelon 路 last updated 2023-11-21 03:47:14

A collection of zines made with the Electric Zine Maker.
If you make one, let me know so I can add it!

the continuing saga of our cool anti-hero OEN who just found out about vaporwave
Don't be an artist!
World domination! Take the world for yourself!?
Just some images I think are interesting and kinky!
the first in the electronic organisms incorporated series.
I wanted to do a sort of self-portrait collage and it turned into a sort of Thing. (a self-portrait collage.)
a brief personal gender history
A Pittsburgh Cincinnati and Houston Boston Zine
a pretty little liars zine(?)
planetary publication
simpsons softcover
dont fear the Rests
an electric zine about wizards
A tiny poetry zine. Some imagery might be disturbing, cw gore, blood & death.
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Undo Jam Micro-Zine
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A guide to make a small RPG to play with your friends or alone.
DreamSequel | LucidFlesh
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A zine about a passing thought
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Danger means it might happen
A zine about bugs that (probably) dead people drew.
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