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Random and Weird

a collection by Big The Dave · last updated 2020-07-26 23:03:31

Some of these aren't even games

Simulates the tension of being stuck in a trench in WWI through hostile controls. Your only goal is to survive.
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A deliberately hard to control WWI Trench Simulator

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A short experimental shooter/platformer with multiple characters.

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Was a fun concept at the start but is really obtuse and difficult to properly convey what you need to do

Procedurally generated database of Cats and their dodgy search histories

A procedurally generated reverse-database. You search for people to spy on and it generates results.

Pick up your Scanner and Multitool, hunt down anomalous signals, and become more than just a guy in a red shirt.
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My first attempt at a first-person game. It's a bit shit.

Bus, hitchhike and stowaway yourself across the Galaxy to get back to Earth in time for the Exodus Day celebrations!
Interactive Fiction
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Another Procedurally Generated experiment. This time travelling across the galaxy, being sure to maintain your health and catch your connecting flights.