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Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 will feature many big changes to the game as well as a tonne of content.

Changes So Far(11/12/2017)

Here is a list of the changes and things we have added so far. Please note these are not the final patch notes and will change with time.

-New Zones, The Deep Dark.

-Archives, Players will find archives that will help tell the story and let the player progress through the game.

-Zone unlocks, we are adding gating into the zones so players must complete at least some things in the previous zones to unlock the next ones.

-New Intro, the game will have a fresh intro as our old prototype one just doesn't cut it anymore.

-Crafting 2.0, Players will have a much more expanded crafting system and will feature some much needed improvements to the old system we had.

Coming soon

We are working hard on getting this ready and in the week coming will have a patch video showing what is coming.

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