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You Can Play This With A D20

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This bundle ended 2021-08-21T07:00:00Z.

You know it by just its silhouette.

It's the standard die with the greatest range. The centerpiece of many a bag of mathrocks.

And it's time for a bundle to highlight the variety of games powered by the mighty icosahedron.

The You Can Play This With A D20 bundle contains 17 titles by 10 creators. There's one-shot games, full core systems, and a fair bit of Mork-y Borg-y supplement material as well.

Looking to pull off a near-future heist, survive a crash-landing on a water planet, explore a jungle full of quillbears and scorpionfrogs, or determine which of your friends are secretly cakes? This bundle has something for you!

All purchases of this bundle are split evenly between contributors and help to fund the creation of new games and material. Bundle photo is by Nika Benedictova, covered for unattributed commercial use under the Unsplash license.

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

A tactical game system that facilitates roleplaying in any world you can imagine.
A Six Player Cyberpunk Game About Getting What You Want
A Game About Cakes And Things That Don't Look Like Cakes
Run exciting chase scenes in your favorite traditional RPG
A solo-journaling RPG about jumping uncontrollably through your own timeline.
A near-future cyberpunk-esque tabletop role-playing game - maybe the simplest TTRPG you'll ever play!
A third party expansion adding more dogs to Mork Borg.
A collection of oozes. Compatible with Mork Borg.
Underground bugfights for doomed weirdos. 3rd party material for MORK BORG.
A survival scenario for the Cast Away RPG, powered by Carta.
Drift-race a barge full of psychedelic mushrooms. Compatible with Mork Borg.
Nature has taken over - play as bizarre animal hybrids in this rules-light naturepunk tabletop game!
Terrible part-time jobs, cheap tenements, roguelite progression, and a dating sim for Mork Borg.
You are a modern Oracle, and you must absolutely not fall in love with a client.
Optional Classes for the miserable and forsworn. Compatible with Mork Borg.