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josefnpat's 1GAM 2015 Bundle

A bundle hosted by josefnpat with content from Binary Cocoa, josefnpat, wespaugh
DRM free1 Steam key
Buy 12 items for $7 Regularly $13.99 Save 49%!
This bundle ended 2016-03-01T05:59:59Z.

Come one, come all! Get 12 games for the cost a $7 hammer!

I have worked on every game in this list in some way and am making big bundle in celebration!

Thank you everyone for your support and help over the year!

This bundle will be available until Collider's launch on Feb 29th!

Back story

For 2015, I decided that I would participate in One Game A Month (1GAM) for an entire year, focusing in releasable quality, with one additional rule: every game must in some way cost at least $1.00! It turned out to be a huge success for me personally as a developer and a creator!

Games in the bundle by month

A note from Binary Cocoa

Collider is a fast paced game with local multiplayer and a variety of game types. It is still under active development, but has been greenlight with an official Steam launch happening shortly. As part of this bundle, you receive Collider at a discounted price, along with any updates and the Steam key when it becomes available. Additionally, you'll get the full soundtrack for the game.

Big shout out in no particular order

Wes Paugh, Philipp Wachsmuth (The Jotne), Samuel Eddy (Blarget), Ran Schonewille, Joseph Brower & Binary Cocoa, Ledwing Hernandez & A Fitting Revenge, Arjan Oudendijk (VividReality), Louis Acresti, Ashley Hooper, ROCIA & It's Members, Joseph Braband, Dennis McCorrey, Kevin Meeks, Guy Paddock, Amanda Gibbs, Peter Stanley, Peter Oswald, LÖVE and community (I ♥ you guys, get back to work!), Unity3D and the Linux Team, OpenGameArt, FreeMusicArchive & Dinah.

Includes the following items:

At $7.00 or above

Judgement is upon you. Will you survive the arena?
A game about love, freedom, and werewolves.
Are you [dino] bro enough, bro?
Build your economy and crush your enemies!
Collider is a local multiplayer twin-stick shooter, played out in circular arena's in multiple different game modes.
What do you get when you mix puzzle games with tower defense?
A cake delivery company gets into the bootlegging business!
You have awoken on the abandoned station, Solitude 8140, far off in a desolate corner of the universe.
Get into the cockpit of your vi-per-8, and defend the universe by defeating the six bosses.
A murder mystery prototype that uses a desktop virtual machine.
You are working on your Ludum Dare game diligently, and suddenly a cat is on your computer.