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Small Planet Games' Beam Saber Bundle

A bundle hosted by Caro Asercion Verified Account with content from Caro Asercion, Rufus Roswell
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This bundle ended 2022-04-15T07:00:00Z.

This bundle consists of supplemental material for Beam Saber designed by Small Planet Games (Ben Auden Roswell and Caro Asercion). These supply drops include:

The Giantkiller is a mechless playbook by Ben Auden Roswell. They are inspiring leaders and ethical objectors, people who pit themselves against the machines they see as the pillars of the endless war and the government's reign of terror.

The Watchpoint is a support playbook by Caro Asercion. Watchpoints are shrewd lookouts and sentinels who work closely with their squad, offering them tactical support and guidance at a distance.

Rearguard is a social, low-violence supplement that introduces five new squad types and an additional playbook:

  • The Occultist, a paranormal investigator mired in conspiracy and espionage
  • The Surgeon, a meticulous battlefield medic and agent of interpersonal drama
  • The Quartermaster, a logistics officer working at the intersection of people and money
  • The Chaplain, a steady faith leader whose words are their greatest asset
  • The Correspondent, a documentarian committed to revealing the truth to a broader public
  • The Rearguard, a ground crew interfacing with the infrastructure of war

This bundle, or a version of it, will run in perpetuity. Buying this bundle allows us to more easily split funds.

All art in this bundle was done by Caro Asercion.

Beam Saber is a Forged in the Dark game designed by Austin Ramsay. The contents of this bundle are an unofficial supplement and are not affiliated with Austin Ramsay Games.

Includes the following items:

An Anti-Mech warrior playbook for Beam Saber.
A Mission Control playbook for Beam Saber
Five revolutionary playbooks for Beam Saber