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Cozy TTRPGs Bundle

A bundle hosted by kumada1 with content from 25 creators.
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This bundle ended 2021-04-24T07:00:00Z.

A crackling fire. Steam rising from a huge mug of tea. Rain against glass.

And the clacking of rolling dice.

This bundle contains almost thirty games that are laid back, warm, or that feel super comfortable to play.

Give small gifts, raise fluffy wolves, reunite with an old love, rediscover lost cuisine, and have pastoral adventures all for the cost of a new big blanket.

As an added bonus, also included in this bundle is a set of cozy, printable terrain for fantasy games that you can use to build a little bastion of comfiness in your home campaigns.

So put the kettle on the hearth, grab some dice, and get ready to get cozy!

(All purchases of this bundle are split evenly between contributors and help to fund the creation of new games and gaming material.)

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

A cozy TTRPG for 1-4 players plus a guide about making art
A GMless game about reframing unpleasant camping experiences as treasured memories.
Build your heroes. Build your community. Adventure for prosperity. A community-minded #SwordDream style fantasy RPG.
what will you do in humanity's twilight?
An intimate experience for two about Heroes, Lovers, and Home
Save your village by landing the catch of a lifetime in this feature-length fishing ttrpg.
A play by mail game where you learn about humans and emotions
A solo-journaling (+ writing to friends) RPG meta-game about sending useful items to friends playing other games.
A light RPG about diaries, memories, and building a cozy headspace.
An intimate Partner Game
A solo journaling game about a witch finding a home.
A tabletop RPG about woodland animals building a home to withstand the seasons using memories, food & community.
A cozy little mystery on a rain-soaked island
Save stranded travelers in the alps with your stable of giant wargs. Trpg.
A Cooking Game. Sort of.
A Solitary Game of Exploration, Wonder, and Peril
A solo-journaling RPG about jumping uncontrollably through your own timeline.
Plant beans, grow cats. TRPG.
A dice game about farming
One Page Solo Romance
Small Adventures Towards the Great Beyond
A solo TTRPG where you collect rocks to fill your tiny home, meet your neighbours, and explore a new garden
Explore and repurpose spaceships.
Traditional fantasy roleplaying, but make it chill and cozy
A game about recreating the fun and productive online spaces of our misspent youths
A TRPG about changing your designs on the fly, designed for children and their caretakers.
Printable 25mm grid paper terrain for medieval fantasy TTRPG