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Solo But Not Alone

A bundle hosted by Peach Garden Games Verified Account with content from 64 creators.
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These are difficult times for everyone. But, not everyone is facing the same struggles, and right now even more people are dealing with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness. 

It's time to let people know they don't need to suffer alone.

In this bundle, you'll find some amazing single-player TTRPGs. That's right, no need to schedule, no need to get a group together. Games you can play by yourself whenever the mood strikes. Some of them are short enough to play while you're waiting for a bus, and some are involved enough to spend an evening on. You can explore a wintry and mysterious glacier, fight your way through Hell, try and mitigate a disaster on the job! Explore the experience of living with ADHD, take care of your pets, help a famous actor with his script. Go on a shamanic journey, read Dune, cook! This is a bundle full of possibilities.

100% of proceeds from this bundle (after fees and tax) will be going to Jasper's Game Day, an organization dedicated to making sure people know they're not alone. Jasper's Game Day works to help prevent suicide through promoting mental health awareness and education, particularly in schools. 

You Are Not a Critical Failure! Remember, if you're feeling hopeless, isolated, or alone, reach out. These may be single-player games, but that doesn't mean you're in this by yourself. 

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