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The Naughty or Nice Holiday Bundle

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Pay what you want for 19 items
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This bundle ended 2021-01-04T22:11:11Z.

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2020 is almost over! Celebrate with festive lewds from some of the best devs on itch on sale! Cosplay, Goddesses, Monster Girls, and more!

Here's a preview of whats in this bundle valued at $65+ dollars! (itch does not factor in paid versions of "free" games)

Includes the following items:

At $29.99 or above

A journey through game world that made by your gramps to fulfill your lewdest monster girl desire.
Role Playing
Cute R18+ Visual Novel
Visual Novel
Play with one of the world’s hottest adult stars, Riley Reid, in a VR/2D lap dance experience
Date beautiful women and solve tricky puzzles in this premium animated jigsaw puzzle game!

At $19.99 or above

A spooky romance.
Visual Novel
Six sexy girls will submit to the lust of a hero! A fully-voiced English visual novel!
Visual Novel
The core erotic-sandbox experience for VR or Dekstop, regularly updated
Witch Love Simulator
Visual Novel
A doujinshi about a seedy bar where customers have their way with beautiful monster girls.

At $9.99 or above

Fight a magic duel against a haughty mage girl, and show her the power of an evil spirit!
Visual Novel
Meet the world’s hottest adult stars in VR for the first time. We make the virtual, real.
Squeeze Tiddy ☆ Shake Nutty
Lurid stories of monster girls who just can't keep their hands to themselves.

Pay any amount

MonsterBox Is back at it again with some very lewd elves. Illustrated by Cowfee!
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Beat em Up! Or Get em Off! 18+
Meet our first Holodexxx 2.0 model in this meet and greet experience with Marley Brinx!
An orbital station environment add-on for Naughty Sandbox