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Dunder & Blixem — Epimas2020

A bundle hosted by Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing with content from 67 creators.
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Do Not Buy This Bundle for Yourself…Eight Mighty Reindeer

…give this bundle as a gift!

This cornucopia before you overflows with the finest of indie tabletop roleplaying games and game accessories. It would be tempting to sneak yourself a little something, but surely you know someone else who would delight at such a gift this holiday season!

Click that Buy Now button and you’ll see the Give this bundle as a gift option with a check box by it. Check it. Then send this bundle off to that special roleplayer, that deserving seeker of new adventures in your life.

Give them the gift of game this Epimas season!

Like this!

If you really need these for yourself, you could always:

  • Put them on your own gift list, in the grand tradition of Epimas,
  • Or buy them for someone who will share them with you. We condone this sort of sharing.

This Dunder & Blixem bundle is the whole lot of what we have to offer this holiday season. All 69 products found in the other bundles! For more seasonably sized gifts, please check out our $30 bundles: DasherDancerPrancerVixenComet, and Cupid.

Plus any of our individual games can be purchased as a gifts and make wonderful virtual stocking stuffers.

What Is Epimas?

Epimas is a celebration of games, game playing, and game players, traditionally observed on 24th of December every year with a variety of festive activities which unusually involve the giving and subsequent playing of games. Coincidentally, it is also my birthday.

The Eight Mighty Reindeer icons are adapted from an icon CC BY 3.0 Lorc that can be found at

Includes the following items: