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Ind of the Year 2020

A bundle hosted by Ordoalea Publishing with content from 25 creators.
DRM free
Buy up to 25 items starting at $10
Save 69% at $10 ($32.48 value) · Save 65% at $25 ($73.48 value) · Save 75% at $50 ($206.30 value)
This bundle ended 2020-12-31T22:59:00Z.

An end of the year bundle that's intended to give people a variety of international indie devs for a small price.

End your year with a bang and try out a huge selection of varied games.

All while helping out small indie creatives in their journey.

Hopefully this will be the first bundle, with the next one gracing the end of the year.

So get these games at some 72% off in the highest rank.

Contains 24 TTRPGs and 1 Video Game.

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

A PDF magazine of sword & sorcery tales, games, and comics.
A game about keeping the peace in a mega-city on the verge of chaos.
A cozy game about rediscovering the past.
Trapped on Earth. Surrounded by Enemies. Desperate for Answers.
A solo journaling game of late deliverables and contract change requests.
A #WretchedJam gameabout a lighthouse keeper.
A Magical Girl Game
a solo TTRPG about a criminal mastermind in a rebel city
Bear your wounds proudly. Shatter the gates of death.
A players guide to a dwarven culture.
A Science Fiction Setting Supplement for A Letter-Writing Game for A Single Player

At $25.00 or above

Race against the clock as you discover your story!
A Solo Horror RPG about surviving in the depths of a ruined dwarven citadel.
A fantasy tabletop RPG when you choose your characters and then create the world
Whenever A Branch Falls From The Old Oak Tree. One Of Your Family Will Die.
A TTRPG about an epic tale of survival. But there is someone... someTHING rooting for your demise.

At $10.00 or above

A Quick Start Pack to introduce the Beta Maxx X game
A horror game set in snowy mountains at night
The Colors of Magic is a light, collaborative, story-focused, fantasy tabletop RPG about a group of wizard friends.
Draw Tokens from a Bag, Rising Stakes, Death Claims All
A tactical gift-planting TTRPG
A competitive TTRPG about an unknowing champion and their patrons.