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BOLT RPG Hack Bundle!

A bundle hosted by Lexi the Fae with content from Acetronomer, BenMWarren, Cas Swanson, Galadin, Lexi the Fae, Nick Duff
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To celebrate the launch of the BOLT RPG Kickstarter (Which you can back at we're offering a bundle of our own hacks, supplements, and settings for the BOLT Engine!

With the exception of "Five!", which is a standalone game, these supplements require the BOLT Core Rules to play, which are available at the Kickstarter or here

We're not official writers or developers for BOLT - we're fans of the game who have created our own content! One of the wonderful things about BOLT is the Creative Commons license that empowers creators like us to make and sell our own games and materials using the BOLT Engine, and we hope that this bundle will inspire you to do the same!

Includes the following items:

At $35.00 or above

Endure, restore, fight for the future
A Supplement for the BOLT RPG Engine by Ajey Pandey.
A Hard Science Fiction BOLT RPG Hack
Weapon & Armor Crafting Rules For BOLT By Ajey Pandey
Expanded Rules for Shields and Taking Cover in the BOLT RPG
A Climate Road Warrior BOLT Hack
Expanded rules for Animal Companions for the BOLT RPG
A Fantasy BOLT Hack built on classical elements.