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Black Lives Matter Support Bundle

A bundle hosted by Contigo Games with content from 18 creators.
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This bundle ended 2020-06-18T04:59:00Z.

6/30/2020 Update:
Hello again! The bundle has ended and we've raised in total $113,981.36! Thank you for your generosity and enthusiasm in helping us reach this goal.
Quick update from us, we've requested payouts from itch so we can transfer the funds to the intended organizations (noted below). At this time the payouts are still pending. We'll keep in touch and post here with receipts once the donations have been made.

6/15/2020 Update:

Just 2 days left to grab this bundle! We're rapidly approaching our goal of $100k! While we still have to pay processing fees, itch has generously waived their usual fees for selling on the platform! Thank you!

We've recently seen information circulated that indicates the Black Lives Matter organization at the national/global level has not been transparent about how their funds are used. While we want to uphold our promise of giving to this organization, we've decided to direct funding to local chapters. We will update the wording below to reflect this, but wanted to make a post to clarify our intentions. Our goal with this adjustment is to maximize the effectiveness of the funds we have raised through this bundle. Thank you for understanding!

  • 50% of funds raised will go to the National Bail Fund Network, as originally planned.
  • Our original $5k goal will go to Black Lives Matter at the national/global level, to fulfill our original promise of donating to this org.
  • The remainder of the 50% for BLM will be divided among local Black Lives Matter chapters, who are doing important work within their communities.

6/5/2020 Update:

Hello again! Another 24 hours have passed and we've now surpassed $50k! As our communities continue to rally and support our fundraiser, we've decided to raise the goal once again. This time, we're going BIG.
Can we raise $99,999.99 (wow, that's a lot of numbers)??? This is the MAXIMUM goal we're able to currently set on itch. With your help, we think it's possible!
We've put together a thread of other indie fundraiser bundles supporting the same cause. Please check them out, grab some additional games, and increase your impact. Thank you!

6/4/2020 Update:
In 24 hours, we've raised 31 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! 
Thank you so much for donating and sharing the bundle. We're so grateful for your support, we hit our original goal of $5k within 2 hours so we've decided to raise our goal!
The bundle will continue for another 2 weeks, please help us keep up the momentum! If you've already contributed and are looking for additional ways to support BLM, please visit:

For the next two weeks (June 3 - 17) all proceeds from sales of this bundle will be donated to Black Lives Matter, in support of their mission to end anti-Black racism, and the National Bail Fund Network, which is paying bail for protesters nationwide. By purchasing this bundle you are contributing to the fight against police brutality and providing necessary funding to two amazing organizations that are working to make the world a better place.

100% of the money raised will go directly to BLM and the NBFN, split equally between the two organizations. Our original goal of $5k will go to BLM at the national/global level, and the remainder will be sent to local chapters of the organization. To maintain transparency, the full amount made each week of the sale will be recorded and a receipt as proof of donation will be posted as soon as the funds are transferred. These updates will be posted by the Contigo Games team on their Twitter page.

Check out our list of contributors and the amazing games you’ll receive with this bundle!

This bundle has two tiers which offer an option in donation amount.  $20 bundle contains the following 11 games. 

Even in Arcadia - girldebord

Chambara - team ok

We Met in May - starmaidgames

Emily is Away Too - kyleseeley23

Blood Under The Bridge - Bahiyya

Code Romantic - prettysmart

Radical Chess - Vector Hat

Byte Driver - Vector Hat

Super Skelemania - Ben Allen

Narcissus - Alex Johansson

The Night Fisherman - far few giants 

$40 bundle includes all above games PLUS an additional 9 games. 

At regular price, these 20 games are valued at over $150. Grab them now for a huge discount and support an important cause! 

Moon Hunters - Kitfox Games 

Shattered Planet - Kitfox Games 

Lucah: Born of a Dream - melessthanthree 

Coffee Talk - Toge Productions

StarCrossed - Contigo Games _

transfer - Abyssal Uncreations 

Floaty Fighters - JasoonMargoon 

Herald - Wispfire

The Norwood Suite - Cosmo D

BLACK LIVES MATTER. The game makers included in this bundle are standing together to oppose police brutality and white supremacy. We encourage the games industry at large to join us in vocally supporting the Black community in the fight for racial equality.  Please consider making additional contributions to fundraisers, including your local bail funds. Find out how to further your impact at:

Thank you so much ❤️

Rest in Power George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, David McAtee, Tony McDade, and all Black people who have lost their lives at the hands of police.

Includes the following items:

At $40.00 or above

1-4 player personality test RPG
Role Playing
Journey to a hillside hotel brimming with odd characters, old secrets and head-nodding music.
Hack, Slash, Ascend
A choice-driven adventure set during colonial times.
Visual Novel
A 2-player cooperative action arcade game about magical girls in space!
a story about computers, memory, and the end of the world
Explore an infinitely dangerous planet!
Role Playing
It's fight or flight! Battle it out in the sky as four unique combatants in this free movement fighting game.
Coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talk simulator in a fantasy world that's as real as ours
Visual Novel

At $20.00 or above

Fail in Love with Narcissus, a 2-player friendship tester or single player multitasking nightmare.
Fall in love. Save the world. Learn to code.
Visual Novel
Skeleton goes exploring, headbutts lizard
Message your friends, surf the web and choose your path through this brand new narrative.
Visual Novel
The award-winning stealth brawler comes to PC! Battle in a black and white world where foes can come from anywhere.
Drive fast. Hack your enemies. Fight for your life. Survive if you can.
Chess, but not boring.
Twine game about being 15 during the 2010 World Cup.
Interactive Fiction
An experiential narrative game about people, plants, and interplanetary capitalism.
A collection of vignette games about dates, and the comedy that comes with getting to know someone.
A tense, thought-provoking encounter
Visual Novel