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The Locally Sourced Spring Bundle

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Buy 14 items for $13 Regularly $22.98 Save 43%!
This bundle ended 2020-08-31T04:00:00Z.

This bundle created by the indie games collective Locally Sourced contains 14 great micro indie tabletop and video games being created in the state of Michigan for the low price of $13.

This bundle has a little bit of everything: fighting zombies, being a spy, learning about cellular biology, exploring outer space, daydreaming, fighting the devil, fishing, and grocery shopping.

Includes the following games:

At $13.00 or above

A solo roleplaying game about exploring an archive of websites
The Last Package of Toilet Paper has been split into 10 separate rolls and have dispersed around the market.
Complete your shopping list while practicing social distancing in this stressful simulator!
Small educational game that teaches you about coronaviruses.
An older woman died recently in her apartment. The family hired you to move out her stuff.
A 1-bit micro platformer about daydreams of parkour
When all you have is a Knife, everything looks like That Guy.
Explore and collect flowers in a small slice of a monochrome landscape.
Beep 'em, boop 'em, and bop 'em. An idle clicker game in space.
A game that starts when you order pizza and ends when you take your first bite
A sidescrolling bark-em-up where you create and guide a team of very good dogs to save their home!
Save your friends one punch at a time!