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Lewd Isolation Bundle

A bundle hosted by Holodexxx with content from AntiZeroGames,, Holodexxx, ZnelArts
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This bundle ended 2020-03-27 07:00:00.

So you've hoarded enough toilet paper to stock a small orphanage, and enough Purel© to disinfect all of Paris; but you forgot one of the basics that Costco doesn't sell in a twelve pack -- Sexy VR Games!

Get your grubby PERFECTLY DISINFECTED HANDS on the latest and greatest from Deviant Tech, ZnelArts & Holodexxx and a free demo from Captain Hardcore in this "social distancing" inspired bundle.

Stay the heck away from human beings by getting up close and personal with some new virtual friends -- don't worry, they have natural immunity.

(Seriously though. A portion of all proceeds go to Doctor's Without Borders. Those brave men and women are working on the front-lines of this mess, so let's give them a hand, while we gives ours a workout.)

Includes the following games:

At $19.99 or above

Good things come to those who obey.
Role Playing
Adult villain simulator Demo
A Scifi/Cyberpunk XXX VR/Non VR Game with a focus on physics and interaction
Play with one of the world’s hottest adult stars, Riley Reid, in a VR/2D lap dance experience
Meet the world’s hottest adult stars in VR for the first time. We make the virtual, real.
Meet our first Holodexxx 2.0 model in this meet and greet experience with Marley Brinx!