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Tabletop Selects Bundle

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Grab your dice, call your friends, and get ready for the Tabletop Selects Bundle! This entry in our series of bundles highlights the best in analog gaming. There’s something for everyone with different genres, rulesets, and themes all represented. 

For $8 you get the following 7 games. 

World Wide Wrestling Roleplay

Which of your friends is the best at cutting promos? Who’s the best at suplexes? World Wide Wrestling Roleplay can settle these debates once and for all. All of the best elements of roleplay are here and marry strangely well to this surprising theme. Grab the mic and get ready for some wrasslin’ with World Wide Wrestling Roleplay. 

Beam Saber

You can’t win this intergalactic war, but you can try to help your friends escape it alive. You and your party are a roving band of mech pilots trying to navigate their way through an increasingly deadly conflict, but how you do it is totally up to you. With a ton of classes and overarching squad stats, there’s a whole universe of possibility ready for you. 


You may be familiar with rpgs that you control with dice, but have you ever played an rpg controlled by a potluck? I didn’t think so. Make your character and share a meal with your friends in this award winning RPG. 

Runaway Hirelings

The heroes came into your dungeon and killed your boss. What will you do with your newfound freedom as a henchman? Go on the lam with your party and live the dreams you never could while employed by the big bad evil guy. 

Together We Write Private Cathedrals

Reading queer literature from history is an exercise in deciphering subtext. Finding the emotions through what is left unsaid may be frustrating, but Together We Write Private Cathedrals is a game that plays in that space. Partner up and figure out how to keep your relationship a secret in this inventive and romantic game. 

Ghost Orbit

Not every ship is spaceworthy in Ghost Orbit, a game of exploring fragile wrecks of ships with fragile wrecks of people. Everything is at risk of breaking in this game of lurching from one crisis to the next as your crew tries to narrowly avoid losing it all. 

Mall Kids

Tabletop RPGs aren’t all about saving the world, sometimes you’re a group of teens hanging out in the food court. Mall Kids knows that even the most dedicated dungeon crawling party sometimes needs to take a break with some low-stakes antics. Get up to some shenanigans with your friends, mess with some security guards, and maybe eat some mall food in this fun romp.

Includes the following items:

At $8.00 or above

A roleplaying game about food, power, and identity
Clueless and Untalented Hirelings escape a dungeon in this low prep comedy-fantasy RPG
The tabletop roleplaying game of pro wrestling narrative action!
A TTRPG about pilots and their massive war machines.
Kids, capitalism, and crushes.
A game for writing queer history.
a game about things breaking in space