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Thoughty Bundle-Up for Whitney Delaglio

A bundle hosted by Brie Beau Sheldon with content from 22 creators.
DRM free
Buy 41 items for $20 Regularly $235.00 Save 91%!
This bundle ended 2019-12-07 05:00:00.

This bundle is in support of Whitney Delaglio, to provide financial relief after a back surgery. The funds will be processed by Beau Sheldon through Thoughty and be rewarded to Whitney after the end of the bundle. Whitney has been a supportive and amazing part of the gaming community for years and we want to support her through this difficult time! Please buy a bundle if you can. Thank you!

This bundle ends on 12/7/2019! Thank you to Misha and Meguey for their support of it. Thoughty supports our community - let's do this!

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

five live-action games by Brie Sheldon with Daedalum Analog Productions
a queer love letter writing game for two players by Brie Sheldon
A TTRPG about Welcoming and Friendship
a sad game about broken mechs and the pilots who die in them
A 5 page luxury TTRPG experience
A dysfunctional larp for 5 people, about a friend group falling apart.
Phantasmagorical fantasy adventure in a land of crystals and quests.
A single player RPG about first contact
A horror larp for 3+ people, played with minimal supplies.
Buckwild, neon-infused space mission game.
Can you best the mountain troll(s) in a game of chance in time to complete your quest?
Psychedelic parlour game about dreams and visions.
A game of Arthurian knights searching for the Holy Grail.
a game for one player adrift in space
Memory & Loss in a crumbling utopia
Map making story system of memories and mistakes.
a character creation game that makes you clean your room
Worldbuilding system of dwarves, doom, and deliberation.
A GMless TTRPG about the clash of over-sized personalities between shapeshifters who can assume human or dragon form
A map making RPG about climate change
A horror game involving a water bottle and a deck of cards.
A Supernatural-Cyberpunk Revolution
a two-player hurt/comfort LARP involving naps
Homicidal Horror in a National Park
An illustrated autobio collection of tiny analog RPGs about mental health.
Play a spirit and bestow your blessing on mortals while enjoying tea.
A poetry game about exploration, collaboration, and making a home.
Villainous strategy game of trampling and terror.
A solo ttrpg where you explore a Forest and help heal it. Inspired by We Forest Three by Jamila R Nedjadi.
Reverse horror game about being a parasite and trying to spread.
The Colors of Magic is a light, collaborative, story-focused, fantasy tabletop RPG about a group of wizard friends.
Smooth and simple fable creation system.
Whimsical, minimalist dungeon crawling.
Escape from the wizard's prison, but there is only enough supplies for one to leave in this Tabletop RPG about sacrifice