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SCABB main characters

The motley crew of SCABB assembled in their traditional garb

Super Comedy Adventure Bargain Bundle

Point and click games just like they used to make them (well, they still do but you know what I mean) - full of puzzles and humour.  7 games with a common theme - good stories, head-scratching dilemmas and plenty of laughs.

Be an explorer who tracks down a serial killer in a quirky take on Victorian London!

Be a 22 year-old drifter trying to find his identity who finds himself plunged into another world!

Be a hero on an epic quest to find a mythical leader, the only one who can restore peace to a troubled land!

Be a space captain who unwittingly puts the galaxy in danger, and as a result has to save it!

Be YET ANOTHER HERO in a fantasy land!

Be an investigator caught in a plot involving mystery, intrigue and maybe pirate treasure…

Be a Clam Man.  Half-man, Half-clam.  Just imagine the possibilities…

Includes the following items:

At $9.99 or above

Probably the finest point-and-click comedy murder mystery adventure game set in Victorian London you will play today.
A point-and-click adventure filled with magic, danger, fantasy, and romance.
An epic quest, inspired by point & click adventure classics, Far-East legends & beat em up games of the 80's!
A retro sci-fi comedy point and click adventure featuring the hapless Captain Disaster.
A classic point and click adventure.
50% Man. 50% Clam. 100% sort of funny.