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Con Season Travel Fundraiser

A bundle hosted by fadingroots with content from fadingroots, Nora Blake
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This bundle ended 2019-07-04 01:10:59.

This bundle is a fundraiser to get me to GenCon in August and Big Bad Con in October! Anybody who buys this bundle at $10 will get the RPGDF Sampler bundle, featuring twenty-seven games (and counting!) from the RPG Design Friends! The price of admission alone - the bundle - is easily worth more than $10, and features all these great games!

Nora Blake has also contributed the Nora Blake 2018 Collection, because this fundraiser also helps me help her move this summer, and because I need two contributors to set this bundle up as a bundle! That's another $20+ worth of games, for just $10!

In addition, anybody who buys the bundle will have a ticket to the raffle! If you would like to donate more than $10, every $10 you add to the purchase gets you another chance to win - nobody gets to win two prizes, so if your name is drawn twice we will draw again, but more tickets is more chances for the grand prize!

The breakdown of the goal is something like this: for GenCon, I'm actually helping Nora move from Texas to Missouri and then going straight from there to GenCon in Indianapolis, then back to Missouri to finish helping her move in. This is going to end up costing almost the same about as it would to fly into Indy directly - I'm budgeting $500-$600 to make GenCon happen for me. Big Bad Con, meanwhile, will likewise cost around $400-$500 for travel and lodging, at least. I'm hoping to raise at least $1000, enough to get there at the very least.

Any money raised that doesn't go to travel costs goes into my savings account for rent. I'm not, like, embezzling, here, I just need this money to live on while i'm *going* to the cons. If I raise a lot more than I'm expecting, I start bringing people with me!

Update 6/21: at $980, i'm going ahead and increasing the goal to $1500, which will pay my rent while I'm traveling and make sure I have like, food money while I'm traveling! It also seems like I'm going to need a little extra for lodging on the way to GenCon, as I'm going to be traveling a couple days longer than I thought. Thank you for making this happen!

The prizes, in the order they will be drawn, are:

A copy of [antennas] by Erika Shepherd, hand-made by Annie Johnston-Glick! Only 10 copies of this book exist, and our grand-prize winner will get one! It's a beautiful hand-assembled art book, featuring album-style  fold-out sleeves for the 4 discs of rules. It's a brilliant and inspired presentation of my little game, and I'm overjoyed to share it!

Exodus patches! The second winner will get a limited, extra-special big Exodus patch, printed on pink denim that used to be the arms of my vest, and the third will get a likewise limited-availability small gold-on-purple Exodus patch!

Three copies of the Exodus zine, to the next three winners! These are some of the last of the first batch of Exodus prints, with the hand-screenprinted covers!

Then, in no particular order other than the order in which they were donated, I have the following fantastic games from kind friends:

Austin Ramsay, Beam Saber

Takuma Okada, Chess: Two Kingdoms

Takuma Okada, Alone in the Ancient City (x5)

Riley Rethal, The Riot Starts

Matthew Gravelyn, Mall Kids (x5)

Ben Auden Roswell, Kubrick (x2)

Ben Auden Roswell, Random Access Histories

Kavita Poduri & Quinn Bleiler, Songs for the Dusk (x5)

Riley Hopkins, Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined (x3)

I will draw the raffle prizes a few days after the raffle closes on July 3rd, using a random number picker and redrawing any duplicates (unless everybody wins a prize before they're all gone!). 

Includes the following items:

All of my 2018 releases together at last!
A Sampler of games from the RPG Design Friends