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Stunfest Indie Bundle 2015

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This bundle ended 2015-05-26T21:59:00Z.

(English version below) est fier de présenter le Stunfest Indie Bundle 2015, comptant pas moins de 13 jeux indépendants à différents stades de développement (jeu fini, pré-commande, démo).

Le Stunfest Indie Bundle, c'est se payer une part de Stunfest pour ceux qui n'ont pas pu venir, et soutenir des développeurs francophones!

Contenu du bundle is proud to present the Stunfest Indie Bundle 2015, with no less than 13 indie games, at different development stages (complete games, pre-orders, demos).

It's a way for people who couldn't attend the Stunfest festival in Rennes, France, to get a slice of the action, and support French-speaking indie developers!

Bundle contents

Includes the following games:

At $11.00 or above

An old school platformer with modern gameplay
A hardcore endless procedural game about dodging death.
Roguelike Space Shooter - Build your starship !
The Atomic Robbery
Guide Abigail, a ghostly young girl, in her quest to discover why she’s back from the dead
A new genre of immersive focus game. Steam key included
The first RTS at a truly global scale.
2D J-Rpg with less battles and more exploration
Role Playing
The ultimate one hit brawler !
Drifting Lands is an original mix of classical horizontal shooter with modern hack & slash standards