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Rio Grande do Sul Floods Relief Bundle

A bundle hosted by Venagon with content from 30 creators.
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This bundle ended 2024-07-08T00:00:00Z.

At the beginning of May this year, multiple floods happened across the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and as a result, many people lost their homes and belongings in the floods, and even its capital, Porto Alegre, was affected by them (not as much as the countryside towns, which were the most affected).

The damage was big, but the help of the federal government hasn't been so efficient, and in response, many organizations and people across the country decided to help the affected ones, so we decided to join in and help as well.

This bundle contains 60 diversified items, such as video games, physical games, assets, and eBooks from multiple creators who decided to help in this cause.

All proceeds from the bundle will be donated to the "Banco de Alimentos" a local food bank which is currently providing food and other needs to the population affected by the floods.

The minimum value to purchase the bundle is $7,50, but if you have spare money, you can pay above the minimum price if you want to help more.

If you want to know more about the banco de alimentos, click here (also contains the details of how to make international donations via swift transfer)

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Includes the following items:

At $7.50 or above

240 Puzzle Levels, Fun Chaotic Versus Mode, Various Unlocks, Level Editor & Online Levels await you!
Mew! Adorable OSR adventures!
These rules provide a way to explore the Alien Universe with lite rules inspired by Cthulhu Dark.
Join the Secret War against Projekt Prometheus and the Nazi occult ...
A 2D platformer themed around esoteric and philosophical dreams.
A top-down and dream-filled shooter with a story that demands to be told.
Groundbreaking RPG that teaches Sign Language! ASL and BSL included.
A solo journaling game about visiting an ever changing city
Hand-drawn creatures travel across real-life terrain in this lighthearted adventure ttrpg.
Flashbacks, Blackjack and Payback
A star-studded Ariana Grande vs David Boreanaz hack of "Jason Statham's Big Vacation"
An epic platformer game with cartoon-styled graphics and animation!
[+Free Demo] Capture, train and battle beings while learning vocabulary in a procedural RPG world
Role Playing
A short story about trans witchcraft and wizardry
Visual Novel
Open World Space Survival
An image collection of brush marks and painted shapes to use in your projects
Three tales of monster romance
Escaped... but for how long?
A collection of essays on GMing from the long running, ENnie winning blog
A tabletop RPG about reality TV and llamas.
A collection of ttrpg tools from the long running, ENnie winning blog
Your favorite Invaders ~ with a Twist!
Play in browser
An 8-page zine that challenges how you think about negative thoughts.
Experience book level immersion in H. P. Lovecraft's world.
Interactive Fiction
Use gadgets, sabotage, and strategy to outsmart your rivals and secure the loot!
Horror / FPS / Exploration / Mystery / Cemetery / Asylum / Old-School / DIY
While diminutive, you do seem a bounding, energetic thing. Shall i send you Beyond to do my bidding?
Play in browser
Chess with dice
Help detective Vera Herdman escape the nightmare while solving the mystery of murdered case 37
The Nuremberg trials.
Interactive Fiction
Fast-paced Single-Screen Platformer
A roguelike set in ancient Egypt.
Interactive Fiction
Forge your way through the dark and mysterious world.
Interactive Fiction
The Steamboat WIllie finds a remote island where unspeakable horrors are waiting for them
Play in browser
Dark Eyed Children Versus Eldritch Horrors
Travel through the ages of human history.
Interactive Fiction
VIOLENT FORCE Choose your side, pick your weapon, and fight for domination in this fast-paced showdown.
surreal horror in hothouse realities
Take a dip into a new realm of folk & fae from Dinoberry Press
Grab your AK47, Defend Gleam City against UFO Mutants!
Carrom-based attack on the Spider Queen!
Play in browser
A Door-based OSR Adventure
science fiction hexcrawl inside a life-filled derelict
A solo, narrative-driven adventure made up of 13 dice games
Crack Rocks, Collect Nuggets in this Retro-Arcade Challenge!
Play in browser
old style gameboy voxel assets for your games!
A roleplaying game of personal discovery, dire conflict, and motherf&#ing snakes